A Family Retreat

Hidden Valley News

Ice STorm!!

Wow! It got cold in a hurry and our part of the county was hit with a pretty bad ice storm.  Fortunately, no real damage to Hidden Valley except for a small busted pipe at the well.  Fixed it and good to go.  I think we were pretty lucky considering the amount of ice and how cold it got...down to 7 degrees!

Still, it was quite beautiful especially when the sun came out and caused the ice on the trees to turn from silver to gold and sparkle.  Loved sitting on the deck looking at the creek...it is up pretty good and flowing fast enough to make a nice loud rushing noise.   The only problem is that we lost a number of limbs from our trees that we have been slowly working to cut up and clear...be patient with us as we can only work so  long then we have to take time out to just enjoy the scenery...even in the winter it is beautiful!  What a relaxing place to be...on the deck with a nice cup of hot chocolate watching the birds, squirrels and the creek (saw a new bird...a Kingfisher).

Cabin Maintenance

Carolyn and I had the opportunity of a lifetime to purchase Hidden Valley in May of last year. Since that time we have done a lot of things to make the cabin a better stay not only for ourselves but our guests.  Now there are some serious maintenance projects that we will be working on in the next 2-3 months: Repainting the porch (a big job), replacing some deck railings, clearing more brush along the creek to have a "Secret Garden", and improving fire pit area just to name a few.  All of these projects and more are to make Hidden Valley Retreat a great place to bring your family and visit.  We will let you and Beavers Bend Cabins know if we need to close off some dates for work. 

Bill Malone

What to Bring when you visit?

We try to make your visit as trouble free and comfortable as possible so we provide the following cabin supplies:

  • Paper Towels
  • Napkins
  • Dinner ware and silver ware
  • Paper Plates
  • Dishwashing soap
  • Coffee
  • Salt and Pepper and other condiments including mustard, mayonnaise, ketchup, peppers, olives, pickles, butter, jelly, BBQ sauce, coffee creamer, various spices and salad dressings as well as other items that we use when we are visiting.  You are welcome to use all but would be helpful to us and the next guest to replace what you use and leave any unused containers of condiments you desire to leave.
  • Insect repellant
  • First Aid supplies (On top shelf in Cupboard in Kitchen)
  • Charcoal (if you forgot to bring some) and Propane

              Our grill is setup to use both charcoal or propane

  • Firewood
  • Bathroom items to include all linens, necessary rolls of paper products, soaps, shampoos, washes, etc.
  • Washing powder (soap packets) for washer/dryer

I am sure that I have omitted some items but then let that be a pleasant surprise for you.  You might let us know what items you think we need to add to our inventory.

ATV Trails

For all you folks that like to "explore" with your ATVs be sure and look at the Guest Information book for information about where the closest ATV Trails are.  There are maps and directions and some very good trails are only a few minutes away.  Also, there is a Ouachita National Park Map which will also show trails that are authorized for ATVs but be sure and read the notes.

We do allow ATVs to be driven at the Retreat but only on marked trails (green flagged marked).  The Retreat is also a working hay farm and riding ATVs hurts the production.  Also, please, no ATVs along the Creek Bank and hiking area. Thanks for your cooperation

Guest Reviews and Recommendations

We love our cabin and want you to feel at home when you visit.  To help us make your visit more pleasant we have provided a guest book with lots of information about events, places to go and other information that we think might make your visit a great one.  We would like to have your revisit so to ensure that we ask that you send us any recommendations that you would like to offer to add to the pleasure of the next guest.  Please send us a review of your stay and any recommendations to : www.SGMMalone@aol.com.

Great Family Fun

Yes, there are some great things to do at Beavers Bend, the ATV trails, Talimena Scenic Parkway but just staying at Hidden Valley is great also.  We have tried to make it very family friendly by adding family games such as monopoly, dominoes, cards and other games.  We have added a horseshoe pit for the adults and older children and have a bean bag toss that all ages can enjoy.  Additionally we have added an X Box with two controllers and 5 games for the adults, children and young adults to enjoy.  As mentioned elsewhere in the website we also have a variety of movies  that the whole family can enjoy and special movies for the children.  So,  Hidden Valley is the place for the whole family to enjoy.